Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Dreams of Easter

Earth Dreams of Easter
by Carlos M. Rodriguez   

Caterpillar dreams of lazy flights and wings 

We are not yet butterflies. 

A grandfather's promise 
Mine and yours 
Saline pools of heaven 

Lady bug dancing 
Holding up the sky. 

Reach with me now:
I will lay low over the still water 
as it drowns in me all that is not life. 

Join with me now:
Baptism de nuevo...
Easter de nuevo...
Sun-rise (sun-ticklings) de nuevo...

Resisting Suns 
Easter Truths
New songs and new singing-

Walls crumbling-chains into instruments- weapons into plows- south, north, east,west. 

Triumphantly tricking democracy's traitors- 
even the heavens and their angels lend their lady bug and butterfly help. 

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