Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Prison Walls and Trembling Voices.

Here is a poem to honor the poetry of the past, present, and future that has inspired my trembling voice to find yours and allows our voices to dance together creating something beautiful. To Our Song, My Song, One Song:

Prison Walls
By Carlos Rodriguez

Spirituality as a process of integration

“You took a half swing at this, take a full swing”

You the great organizer

And the little one too

The ultimate creador

The power-poder

in skies

in trees

in tiny tears

in little country towns seemingly defying some capitalist logic

“Que locura hay en lo pequeño
que existe desafiando a lo infinito”

I said to my sharecropping grandfather on some ranch somewhere in Mexico in a time I wish I could taste when the city seems to eat me.

You the one that sings in prison

Songs that break down their prison walls

May your ancient wisdom seep into the very depths of my biologically powerful cells.

Rippling from my trem-bling voices  into other trem--- bling voices

A song

That one with the most hurting




Kills the comedy

Like the insides of a flame

Of those that can act pretending that they can live

while ignoring the pain of others.

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